Rinaldi Confectionery Soft Almond Honey Nougat 86g

Rinaldi Confectionery Soft Almond Honey Nougat 86g

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n the Italian 'Torrone' tradition, this delicious Nougat will tantalise at every mouthful.

Made with Blue Gum honey It tends to have a firmer texture in the traditional style, and the flavour profile varies slightly according to temperature, which influences the mouthfeel and subsequently the eating experience. A gentle warming will soften it.

You should always be able to taste the honey and the honey should always give the nougat a sticky texture – regardless if the nougat is in a soft or harder style.

The nuts should always taste freshly roasted and clean. They also provide the vital crunch that makes the mouthfeel a delight. The egg white should give the nougat an elegant smooth and silky texture – never putty-like. Even in a brittle/hardstyle, your nougat should have an elegant texture.

Nougat probably originated in the Middle East or Central Asia in ancient times. Although there are many legends, we are not really sure about its origins. Even the origins of nougat in Italy (torrone as it is known there) are challenged by different towns and regions. Italian nougat confections probably have their origins in ancient Rome. This original delicacy, that was made of almonds, honey and egg white, was specially served on formal occasions and as offerings to the gods.

According to legend, Bianca Maria Visconti and Francesco Sforza wedded on October 25, 1441, and as the city of Cremona was offered as part of her dowry, the court pastry chefs created a special dessert to commemorate the occasion. Using honey, almonds and beaten egg whites, and cooking over low heat for long hours, the nougat confection was fashioned into the shape of the Torrazzo bell tower, and so the dessert was given the name torrone.